Little Free Library Sponsorship Program

Friends of the Richardson Public Library will provide a Little Free Library kit at no cost to applicant groups

Bring the Little Free Library to your street or even to your home (map of current locations).  The Friends of the Richardson Public Library are making available do-it-yourself kits to build these mini-libraries and post them in front of your home or somewhere in your neighborhood or homeowners association.

You have perhaps heard of the “Little Free Libraries”. These are small boxes often mounted on poles or stands in neighborhoods that hold a small collection of books that are available on a free “take a book, return a book” basis. These “Libraries” are often installed by neighborhood associations in a member’s front yard, or in the common areas of a homeowners association.

A Little Free Library becomes a magnet for those in the neighborhood out for a walk, who might want to stop by and see what books are available. And the books never run out, because these same neighbors are encouraged to leave books when they are finished with them, or to add even more books that they think their neighbors may enjoy.

Although there is nothing stopping a neighborhood association or homeowners association from building their own Library, many choose to acquire their Libraries from the Wisconsin-based LITTLE FREE, and register their Libraries in order to share information and place their Libraries “on the map”.

The Friends of the Richardson Public Library have established a program to assist neighborhood associations, homeowners associations, and similar groups in acquiring their first Little Free Library. While we believe that it is important as a community building tool that these organizations assemble, install, and maintain these Libraries, this program by the Friends of the Richardson Public Library will provide a Library kit from the national LFL organization at no cost to the group installing the Library.

What the Friends of the Richardson Public Library provide:

For successful applicants to our program, the Friends of the Richardson Public Library offer at no cost the following:

  • One Little Free Library Amish Shed kit for constructing a Library
  • One standard charter sign and one Little Free Library Steward’s packet
  • Instructions
  • An initial set of books to populate the Library (our choice)

What your organization provides:

Your organization will provide the following:

  • Pick up the kit at a location of our choosing (here in Richardson)
  • Assembly of the kit (you will need outdoor glue, a wood clamp, and screwdrivers)
  • Installation of the kit at an appropriate location in your neighborhood or similar location (for yards, you will need a pole and mounting hardware)
  • Maintenance of the Library on an ongoing basis
  • Care for the books in the Library
  • Acceptance of the Terms & Conditions
  • Completed Application
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